Infrastruktur und Umwelt

Energy and climate protection

INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT elaborates outstanding climate protection and energy concepts,  supports in planning and permission processes and provides advisory services to national and communal authorities.
We can only limit the warming of the world climate and its potentially disastrous consequences if we succeed in considerably reducing the emission of greenhouse gases worldwide. This requires the transition to sustainable energy management systems, especially in the industrialized countries. In developing and newly industrialized countries, waste disposal attains added importance, because the dumping of untreated waste causes considerable emissions of methane, which is particularly harmful to the climate.

Our services

  • Municipal energy concepts
  • Municipal and regional climate protection concepts
  • Energy-efficient urban renewal - integrated concepts for urban quarters and management of respective projects
  • District heating surveys / concepts
  • Support in legal and administrative planning procedures for the new construction of power plants
  • CO2-balancing
  • System comparisons / economic efficiency calculations
  • Preparation of the application documents and performance of the calculations in accordance with the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)