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Flood risk management

Flood risks are increasing. We cannot eliminate them, but we can reduce them by precautionary measures, adapted use, information, and protection. Flood risk management has become a core issue for INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT in the course of the last fifteen years. We are among the leading companies handling spatial aspects of flood risk management in Europe.

We have developed tools, instruments and strategies for flood risk management in projects for German federal states, the Federal Environment Agency, the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, the Federal Environment Ministry, as well as for Dutch and other European clients.

We offer support in the implementation of the EU Flood Risk Management Directive strategically with implementation concepts and tools as well as practically with the development of risk management plans.

Our services

Flood-risk management planning, in particular:

  • Implementation strategies, planning tools and process design
  • Risk analysis/-mapping
  • Management plans for national and international river basins
  • Land use concepts for risk areas and precautionary measures
  • Components for disaster management
  • Public participation and raising problem awareness