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Management of tendering procedures

German public procurement law and government contracting have continued to evolve as a result of the implementation of EU rules in national law. As a result, the number of public procurement law suits with unsuccessful bidders fighting for their rights has increased. Government projects can only be realized in a timely manner if the contracts for services and supplies are legally certain. We support authorities by means of well-founded preparation and execution of bidding procedures.

Our services for awarding authorities

  • Draft of the call for tenders
  • Preparation of the bidding documents including specifications and draft of the contract
  • Determination of the budget costs based on sample calculations
  • Handling of the correspondence including objections, if any
  • Evaluation of the bids
  • Presentations and discussions before the committees

Our services for bidders

  • Review of the tender documents
  • Review of the applications for participation and of the bids
  • Handling of the correspondence including objections, if any
  • Preparation of presentable alternative bids