Infrastruktur und Umwelt

Professional project management and control

INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT offers project and financial management performed by just one company - a model which has proven itself during the years due to its transparency and the efficiency for all partners involved. We ensure the processing of complex projects on the basis of competent professional knowledge. This ranges from the establishment of the internal control mechanisms, via detailed scheduling and financial management, to public relations - with forward-looking overall planning, transparent processes, and flexible forms of work and cooperation.

Awareness and acceptance of any project depends decisively on the participation and communication strategy adopted. We develop participation and communication concepts for its projects, and organizes the necessary conferences and workshops and prepares information surveys and internet presentations.

Successful communication needs clear-cut targets and target groups, goal-oriented measures and close monitoring of the results in each phase of the project.

Our services

  • Determination of project requirements
  • Scheduling and financial planning and control
  • Professional coordination of project stakeholders
  • Quality control and overall control
  • Internet-based project management
  • Coordination of publicity activities and internet presentations
  • Management of grants
  • Development of models for financing and supporting bodies
  • Database solutions for contract and financial management
  • Organizational advice and capacity building in the client companyParticipation strategies and communication concepts
  • Conceptualization of events and their realization
  • Internet-supported communication, printed products
  • Implementation of participation procedures
  • Evaluation of feedback