Infrastruktur und Umwelt

Recycling and waste management

In hardly any other area of public service have the professional requirements and the legal, economic and environmental framework conditions developed more dynamically than in waste management. While safe disposal used to be the most important challenge, the recycling and waste management era heralded paradigm changes: Priority is now given to waste recycling as well as to the reorganization of waste disposal markets and to the redefinition of tasks. Currently, resource efficiency, climate protection and the optimization of energy recovery are receiving increased attention.

INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT supports public authorities and private clients in all of these phases, and participates in the organization of waste management in many municipalities. In close cooperation with our clients we develop targets, strategies and disposal concepts, including in special areas such as hospital waste, refuse derived fuels, and industrial waste.

Our services

  • Market analysis
  • Waste analysis and forecasts
  • Waste management concepts and plans
  • Logistical concepts
  • Municipal ordinances and fee regulations
  • Preparation of tendering and award processes
  • Plant design
  • Preparation and accompaniment of approval procedures