Infrastruktur und Umwelt


“If this were IU’s silver wedding anniversary – I wouldn’t have regretted a single day!” remarked Professor Dr Hans Reiner Böhm on the occasion of the IU 25 year celebration on 11 September 2014. Under the title “25 Years of IU – we’re looking to the future!“, INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT celebrated together with over 150 former and current associates in Griesheim. The Mayor of Griesheim, Mrs Gabriele Winter, took the opportunity to welcome IU and guests to Linie Neun, a bar and restaurant located in a former tram depot, and to offer her heartfelt thanks to the company for supporting the town for so many years with so many planning and design projects, such as the municipal waste dump, the Agenda 21 process, the work on the new intercity rail link and neighbourhood energy development.

This was followed by a look back at the milestones in the history of the office, with comments from the many guests. The presentation by the four partners, Gernod Dilewski, Hans-Jürgen Gräff, Dr Peter Heiland und Dr Jürgen Neumüller, together with firm founder Professor Dr Hans Reiner Böhm, was rounded off with contributions from the IU team. This retrospective, which combined light-hearted moments with insights into the history of the company, looked back at its beginnings in the fields of waste management and spatial environmental planning as well as the subsequent developments that led to its current work.
“What is the secret if IU’s success?” was the question that was finally put to Hans Reiner Böhm. He answered spontaneously, “First we think! Then we plan, and then we build, and not the other way around. It seems obvious, but it really isn’t. And we haven’t only repeatedly defended this principle; we have also applied it consistently, even when it costs time and makes us unpopular in some quarters.” Wide support was voiced for this principle during the anniversary retrospective. The motto “THINK CREATIVELY | PLAN FLEXIBLY | IMPLEMENT RELIABLY” will therefore continue to inform our approach in the future.

During the celebrations, there was much convivial talk about how things were in the old days as well as how they are at the moment and might be in the future. Musical ambience was provided by the local jazz quintet The Tuxedos. For how long people were on their feet dancing their way into the next 25 years to the music of DJ Michael Herd – well, that’s for the dancers to know …
We would like to thank everybody for coming, for the stimulating discussions that were had, and for their effective cooperation over recent years!
Full of ideas and confidence, we’re looking to the future.

Your IU-Team,
and the partners, Gernod Dilewski, Hans-Jürgen Gräff, Peter Heiland, Jürgen Neumüller