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Baden-Württemberg starts updating the Flood Risk Management Planning

Today, the Steering Group Flood Risk Management Baden-Württemberg decided on updating the flood risk management planning. A continuation concept was developed with the support of INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT during the last months.

With today's decision by the Steering Group Flood Risk Management, a working period to prepare the continuation of flood risk management is completed.

The drafts of the aggregated flood risk management plans for the formal public participation were completed in December 2014. After that, the experiences of the flood risk management plan of the last five years have been systematically evaluated with the support from INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT (IU). Also the changes in the legal framework, as the replacement of the IPPC-Directive by the IE-Directive at European level or the change of the water act in Baden-Württemberg, have been collected. Experiences regarding coordination at European and national level were considered and the feedback of evaluations commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency and the European Commission on the different steps of the flood risk management (screening) were analysed.

Based on this, together with the regional councils as river basin authorities and other stakeholder groups, a concept for updating the flood risk management plan has been developed. This is closely linked with the concept for updating flood hazard maps.

The aim of this concept is to establish a continuous update, which allows demonstrating the extensive activities of the different stakeholders to the public. To fulfill this task, procedures will be established to ensure the exchange of information between stakeholders, in particular with the regional councils as the coordinating river basin authorities.

For this purpose, comprehensive user-specific support tools will be provided by the Information Technology Centre („Informationstechnisches Zentrum ITZ“) of LUBW. These tools are intended to enable all stakeholders and the public to retrieve the information on flood hazards and risks as well as the relevant measures of flood risk management of the various actors in the current state.

Based on the continuation concept, IU will accompany the revision of the procedural concept as well as the further development of working instruments and planning processes.