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7 years of Future Cities – an example of adaptation to climate change

The Future Cities project involved city regions in north-west Europe working together to develop ways of adapting urban development to cope with the demands of climate change.

Following 7 years of fruitful cooperation, the project has now come to a close, but it has left its mark in the form of various successful examples of urban redevelopment and participatory processes. The Future Cities Compass – a computer-supported planning and evaluation tool intended to assist adaptation to climate change – is one of the main results of this international partnership. It helps adaptive action to be evaluated, documented and discussed with decision makers, and efficient measures to be put in place for selected urban structures (e.g. water resource management and green structures).

In developing this practical tool, INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT (IU) drew heavily on the experiences of the various project partners. The Adaptation Compass is available in both English and German, and can be downloaded from the Future Cities website.

IU provided ongoing technical and organisational support for the lead partners in the Future Cities Project with regard to such tasks as overseeing transnational technical working groups and coordinating work packages as well as in relation to project and finance management.

Further information can be found <<< here >>> on the project website.