Infrastruktur und Umwelt

“Renewable Energy Regions” launches transnational activities towards matching renewable energy demand and supply

Within the INTERREG V B project RegEnergy – 9 project partners from 7 countries in North West Europe work towards renewable energy partnerships. These partnerships will enable local and regional authorities from urbanised areas to meet their energy demand from reliable regional renewable energy sources. RE producers from surrounding areas will in turn benefit from access to urban energy consumers.

The first transnational meeting in Brussels (Belgium) and Waterford (Ireland) concentrated on how renewable energy partnerships can best be established, which, in turn, requires a deep analysis of potential barriers: What social, institutional, infrastructural or economic obstacles are there if the demand for renewable energy in an urban context is to be met by rural production? In the course of the meetings, it was possible to develop a broad direction for the development of RE partnerships.

INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT (IU) supports the project with the content-wise coordination of the project’s tasks as well as an overall finance and project management. IU closely collaborated with the project partners to implement the ongoing partnership activities as well as supporting and coordinating the transnational meetings.