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Kick-Off: Dumpsite Improvement in Berat Region

With starting of the construction works in September 2020, the short-term measures for improvement of three dumpsites in Berat Region: Berat, Kuçovë and Ura Vajgurore are being implemented. The measures are carried out in the framework of the Solid Waste Management Project in the Berat Region, Albania with the financial support of the Swiss Confederation through SECO.

Last year, INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT in cooperation with FLAG, Albania and SEHLHOFF, Germany prepared Improvement Plans for each of the three dumpsites. Supported by the local Albanian engineering Firm SEED Consulting the tender procedure was conducted successfully in spring and now supervision of works will be performed in close contact with a Monitoring Committee.

The work planned for each dumpsite includes:

  1. Excavation of disposed waste,
  2. Construct of a base line system with leachate and landfill gas collection for the whole area,
  3. Disposal of waste in one area (“covered area”),
  4. Closure by a top cap system,
  5. Remaining area used as “operation area”.

The improved dumpsite will be in operation until the regional sanitary landfill shall be established in Berat Region.

For more information on the ISWM project in Berat Region see: