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Adapted solutions for future municipal waste collection in the Korçë Region, Albania

In December 2016 the municipal waste collection plans, developed by INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT Professor Böhm und Partner under the project "Accompanying Measures for Solid Waste Management in Southeast Albania" funded by KfW Entwicklungsbank, were presented in the respective Municipalities of Korçë Region. These plans define the waste collections zones, routing and required equipment within each municipality – as well as the related costs.

The data base assessment was conducted together with the client Korçë Regional Waste Management Company (KRWM) and the respective municipal representatives.
The mayor of Korçë, Mr Sotiraq Filo emphasized the importance of improved waste collection in order to gain the support of the population for advanced waste management including waste separation and recycling.

More information on the overall project can be found here.