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Conversion Management in the Mecklenburg Lake District successfully completed

During two years the course has been set for the conversion of former military properties.

After two years of conversion management for the county Mecklenburg Lake District, we can draw a positive conclusion.

In cooperation with all affected communes, sector administrations and conversion planners, perspectives for the re-use were illustrated for all affected properties. Affected properties are:

  • the Airport “Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen“,
  • the Barracks „Fünfeichen“ in Neubrandenburg,
  • the „Material Depot“ in Rechlin/Müritz and
  • the Barracks „Mecklenburgische Schweiz“ in Stavenhagen.

For the Airport Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen, INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT (IU) questioned more than 2,000 companies and deduced regional economic effects of the airport.

In these two years IU organised the exchange between the most important stakeholders and organised among others the county’s “Conversion Conference” in January 2014.

Now the decisive phase of marketing starts. Therefore, in March 2015 IU has organised a workshop with all communes, the Federal Real Estate Agency, the State Ministry of Economy Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Invest in MV, the state’s economic development organisation. As a result, arrangements were prepared for further commercialisation of the properties at regional, national and international levels.