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Municipal Flood Risk Management in the City of Tübingen – Second Workshop

The city of Tübingen intends to initiate and to coordinate a permanent process for municipal flood risk management. Implementing this task requires intensive and effective cooperation between different departments and institutions within the city. This cooperation should also consider the implementation of measures of the FRM-Plan.

The initiation of this process was promoted by the “WBW Fortbildungsgesellschaft” (Karlsruhe) and prepared and moderated by INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT. In two workshops a joint inventory and analysis was undertaken leading to tasks of flood risk management for different departments as well as the cooperation structure and organisation.

After the first workshop, several tasks were already started in Tübingen. The second workshop showed, that the city of Tübingen is now well prepared in the areas of self-care and emergency response planning, and the need for further action is clear. For this purpose an action plan was jointly compiled and agreed. The communication between the participating departments and institutions is already working well and should be maintained and continued.