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Climate Change Impacts in Tirana (Albania): Vulnerability Analysis and Adaptation Action Plan

In April 2015 the municipal action plan for adaptation to climate change for the Albanian capital Tirana was completed by INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT funded by GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation). Furthermore the action plan was handed over to the political bodies to decide on. Especially stakeholders of the city administration and of municipal companies developed the action plan. These stakeholders are also responsible for implementing the measures. For that purpose priorities and implementation periods have been agreed.

In the first project’s phase a vulnerability analysis was conducted for the various affected areas of the city. The potential effects of projected climate change impacts for urban areas, as rising temperature, increasing heat waves, more heavy precipitation and lower total rainfall per year, were analysed and in the municipal working group discussed. Extensive data of UNDP could be used, as UNDP currently conducts new climate change projections for Albania within the “3. National Communication within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”.

In addition to the vulnerability study and the action plan, the results include an intensive process (14 months) which clarifies the need of adaptation measures for numerous participants and increases the know-how for this purpose considerably.

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