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Flood Risk Management Plans in Albania / Montenegro developed

In the estuary area of the Drin River, water from numerous Balkan States flows together and causes regularly considerable flooding in the Delta. Inhabitants and institutions want to cooperate to take precautions against flood damage. On behalf of GIZ and the responsible Albanian ministries of agriculture and environment, INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT has developed flood risk management plans for eight municipalities and a region comprising the area around Shkodra in northern Albania. There, Albania borders Montenegro, hence cross-border cooperation is indispensable. For Montenegro additionally trainings on flood risk management planning were performed at national level.

The municipal and regional plans are based on hazard and risk maps, in which the dimensions of potential flooding are presented as well as affected usages and objects. The objects at risk and the risk assessment have been developed and documented in close cooperation with the local authorities. While developing measures, again specific focus was laid on the active involvement of local stakeholders. The plans of measures contain more than 100 technical and non-technical measures to reduce the risk. For the implementation different stakeholders are responsible, which are agreed in the process and documented in the plan.

In addition extensive information campaigns were launched. So everyone should be informed about the dangers and be able to take precautions themselves. Striking hazard maps have been installed at the community centres, flyer and leaflets should motivate stakeholders to implement precautionary measures. The emergency planning is also important: corresponding flowcharts were developed with municipalities and other stakeholders, now enabling a rapid and effective communication.