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For the first time no littering in Osum River after heavy rain – Successful dumpsite improvement works in Berat Municipality, Albania almost completed

Berat Municipality

The improvement works at Berat Dumpsite are almost completed: Owing to the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs’ (SECO) Integrated Solid Waste Management Project in Berat Region, implemented by INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT in cooperation with German partner SEHLHOFF GmbH and Albanian partner FLAG, currently improvement measures at three dumpsites in Berat Region are being implemented.

Berat dumpsite is located at Osum River, which, together with Devoll River as Seman River flows into the Adriatic Sea. The dumpsite used to be a great source of littering into the river, especially after heavy rain and high water levels, polluting the water and river banks and being a threat for the environment. For the first time, after heavy rain, no waste was washed from the dumpsite into the river owing to the clearing and encapsuling of the already disposed waste, controlled disposal of recently collected waste and especially because of extensive river embankment stabilisation. As heavy rain started last December, those stabilisation measures were constructed as a priority by the Albanian construction company SALILLARI SHPK.

The improvement works at Berat, Kuçovë and Ura Vajgurore dumpsites will be completed within the next month.