Infrastruktur und Umwelt

Analysis Transport Network Oder-Neiße (AVerON) - Workshops in Frankfurt (Oder) and Gorzów Wlkp.

Within the project “Spatial planning analysis of the current cross-border transport infrastructure in the Polish-German border region, particularly in the Euro region PRO EUROPA VIADRINA and the Euro region Spree-Neisse Bober as well at the interfaces to the adjacent (Euro) regions” (AVerON), INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT (IU) and Heike Uhe, Niemiecko-Polska Kooperacja Gospodarcza npkg, presented the intermediate status of analysis of the tourist route networks in the Euro region PRO EUROPA VIADRINA using the example of bicycle paths. The presentation took place at two workshops (19. and 20. August 2015).

The presentation focused on the description of similarities and differences between Germany and Poland in the field of cycling and tourist routes as well as the current inventory of national cycle routes in the region. 30 workshop participants exchanged ideas on the opportunities and obstacles in the development of a cross-border tourist route network. The findings will be included in the final report on “tourist traffic”. At the end of September 2015, this report and the brochure on the total project are submitted by IU to the Euro region PRO EUROPA VIADRINA.

Contact person for the analysis of the tourist route networks is Christian Gering (IU).

The Euro region PRO EUROPA VIADRINA provides further information on the project and the two workshops in Polish language.