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Waste Awareness Raising Competition: “Green Art” in three Schools of Maliq, Korca Region, Albania

Winners of Green Art Competition with Major of Maliq, school teachers, representatives of KRWM and of project partner FLAG

As sustainability starts with our future an awareness raising competition on the environment and waste at the end of October 2020 had been initiated in Maliq, Korca Region (Albania). Three schools participated in the Green Art Competition. The school children of Shkolla Libonik, Gjimnazi Skënderbeu Maliq and Shkolla Agimi-Maliq of classes 6 to 9 were asked to express their ideas about environment and waste in their home region. In a-month period the creative minds of the school children were invited to submit sketches, shapes and colours of any kind. Their drawings have been exhibited in the school halls and posted on social media.

An evaluation committee with teachers from the respective schools, representatives of Maliq Municipality, and Korca Regional Waste Management Company (KRWM) has been formed to nominate the best art works in respect to its thematic suitability, message and duplicability. There were prizes awarded to the best art work, two for the runners-up spot and three for the third prizes.

To commemorate the awareness raising event, a special ceremony on the 5th of March 2021 at the landfill site for all six winners was organised by KRWM, who is responsible for regional solid waste management activities in Korca Region and who provides sustainable and environmentally sound services for the citizens and municipalities of the region such as the operation of Maliq Landfill. Since its start of operation mid 2018 as one of its first kind in Albania, KRWM has engaged in public awareness raising measures to engage the people in rural and urban communities in Korca Region in waste prevention and collection. The aim of the competition was to involve the youth and raise awareness towards global and especially local issues and problems regarding waste management and the environment.

The winning art works are now décor for KRWM office premises and will soon be drafted as a large wall painting for along the access road to Maliq Landfill.

The competition was performed under the SWM Project South-East Albania Accompanying Measure Phase II, which is funded by KfW Entwicklungsbank and implemented by INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT.

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