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First cycle of Flood Risk Management Planning in Baden-Wuerttemberg completed

By publishing the plans, the first cycle of flood risk management planning in Baden-Württemberg was completed. INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT supported the development of the state-wide concept for the assessment and coordinated the necessary measures with the relevant stakeholders in nine out of 22 river basin units.

By publishing the flood risk management plans for six units (“Alpenrhein”/Lake Constance, “Hochrhein”, Upper Rhine, Neckar, Main and Danube), the first cycle of the ongoing planning process (started 2010) was completed.

Based on the state-wide procedure, the regional councils as river basin authorities and the relevant stakeholders developed measures in various action fields to prevent new risks, to reduce existing risks and to minimise adverse consequences during and after floods.

INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT (IU) is working on flood risk management planning in Baden-Wuerttemberg since 2009. Together with all relevant stakeholders a concept for the assessment has been developed, which includes different aspects of flood risk management like keeping land free within the scope of regional planning or urban land-use planning, technical flood protection or hazard control and emergency response in case of floods and recovery.

The development of the plans has been prepared with a state-wide measure catalogue and coordinated work tools such as questionnaires, information documents and a central internet platform. IU supported the preparation and accompanied the planning process.

From 2010 to 2014, risks were discussed and measures were coordinated in 22 river catchment units together with local stakeholders. Thus an intensive involvement of stakeholders was ensured. IU carried out these works in nine project areas (Oberer / Mittlerer / Unterer Neckar, Starzel, Schussen, Argen, Dreisam, Kinzig-Schutter / Acher-Rench), the regional councils of Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Tübingen being in charge of the processes.

In 2015, IU supported the completion of flood risk management plans and the preparation of monitoring and updating.

The FRM-Plans are published <<< here >>> in section EU-reporting > flood risk management plans.