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Hand-over of 4x4 waste collection truck suitable for rural mountainous areas in Skrapar Municipality, Albania

End of February 2021, Skrapar Municipality welcomed its new all-wheel waste collection truck in a small outdoor handover ceremony. In the scope of the SECO-funded Integrated Solid Waste Management Project in Berat Region, Albania, implemented by INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT in cooperation with SEHLHOFF, Germany and FLAG, Albania, the extension of waste collection services in Skrapar Municipality will be achieved. This includes the preparation of a waste collection plan for rural mountainous areas and the procurement of a suitable, compact, 4x4 waste collection truck. Proper handling of the truck is ensured through training and training material for the driver, first spare and wear parts and a warranty period. Furthermore, Skrapar Municipality procured waste collection containers for the extended services.

The truck was delivered by MAN Bus and Truck Centre, Tirana during a small ceremony. The Mayor of Skrapar, Mr. Adriatik Mema expressed his gratitude for the collaboration of SECO, the Municipality and the Project Team and of course, for the new truck. Mr. Patrik Meier, Embassy of Switzerland’s Deputy Head of Mission in Albania, who came from Tirana, was happy to witness the hand-over and was certain, that the truck will contribute significantly to an improvement of waste collection service in the area, the environment and quality of life. Especially, since in areas without collection service, the waste is disposed at wild dumps.

To ensure a sustainable investment and improvement of waste management service, measures to increase the sensitivity of the citizens will be conducted in the Municipality through their staff and recycling groups formed by young people in Skrapar.